VividWorks AR helps Lindström to promote its design mat range

VividWorks AR helps Lindström to promote its design mat range
May 8, 2017 vividworks

VividWorks AR helps Lindström to promote its design mat range

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VividWorks AR helps Lindström to promote its design mat range
LiveDesign 3D sales solution, Lindström LiveDesign,  utilises augmented reality to streamline design-to-quote-to-order process

VividWorks, producer of cloud-based 3D visual sales solutions for omnichannel commerce, has developed a sales tool for Lindström Group in Finland based upon its proven VividPlatform solution – specifically to promote sales of design mats in real-life commercial environments, where branding, decorative, acoustic and cleanliness considerations are a challenge. LiveDesign allows the company to more easily rent its huge range of mats to a variety of corporate clients – including Scandic Oulu, a 214-room hotel in this Finnish city of Oulu.

Scandic Oulu required mats for many of its 214 rooms to improve guest experience, with design and quality a priority for this minimalistic Scandinavian hotel. LiveDesign provided Scandic Oulu with a unique opportunity to view the mats in each of the planned locations in the hotel, and in a variety of positions, also allowing hotel planners to compare the impact of different sizes, shapes and colours.

“The Lindström Sales Representative had a tablet computer that we used to view places where we were considering placing mats,” explains Juha Kolehmainen, General Manager for Scandic Oulu.  “The tablet let us view each room type with a Lindström mat in the image. We wanted to try out the different options of mats they had and that was possible to do on the tablet. We were able to design the rooms and the new look the way we envisioned. This made me feel confident in choosing the right mat for every room and helped get the order done.”

“LiveDesign has positively affected our sales,” says Satu Haikarainen, head of product concept at Lindström Group. “When clients can see the right mats in the actual places, it is much easier for them to buy. We have just launched LiveDesign in seven other European countries [in addition to Finland]. More countries will follow. This is clearly the way to make sales going forward.”

A video of LiveDesign in action for Lindström can be viewed here. A case study is available to view here.

LiveDesign encourages customers to make decisions quickly. It also helps to meet challenges caused by size in some big organisations. For instance, sometimes decision makers may be unable to visit key locations; in such cases, Lindström sales representative will undertake location photo shoots, adding images of the mats with the AR system.

VividWorks developed LiveDesign using its VividPlatform system, a customisable Cloud-based product configuration, visualisation and sales management platform for commerce, designed to maximize sales and streamline the design-to-quote-to-order process. It delivers stunning user-friendly visualisations that successfully drive business objectives and promote faster purchasing decisions.

“We’re very excited that Lindström Group are benefitting from LiveDesign,” says VividWorks CEO Miska Visuri. “We have worked with AR for over five years now and consider LiveDesign one of the most effective examples of how this technology can be used to boost sales”.

VividWorks is exhibiting at AWE USA 2017, the largest AR and VR event in the world. The event takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California from May 31st to June 2nd 2017.

LiveDesign has been nominated for Best Enterprise Solution at the Auggie Awards 2017. Winners will be announced during a prestigious ceremony at this year’s AWE.


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