VividWorks Ltd.

VividWorks offers a unique 3D visual sales solution for omnichannel commerce that is designed to help our clients take advantage of the business opportunities that the disruptive technological changes to retail and commerce bring. VividWorks upends the purchase process, enabling “virtual trying before buying” and customization
helping buyers to configure and visualize products in real-world environments, in life-like 3D, providing customers with an unparalleled buying experience.

Our Offering

VividWorks brings innovative, user-friendly, and fully customisable web-based configuration and visualisation sales management platform for commerce, delivering stunning 3D visualisations that successfully drive business objectives and promote faster purchasing decisions.

Our Story

VividWorks was founded 2006 in Oulu, Finland due to a growing customer potential seen in the furniture industry. We had a long history with web-based 3D visualization tools and with further developing we launched 3D visualization and sales management tool called VividPlatformTM for furniture industry in the same year.

Since then we have been focusing to provide innovative visual sales solutions and expanding to multiple segments. Today our solutions are sold to manufacturers and retailers to digitalize their sales processes all over the world.

Our Vision

We want to deliver the best visual online configurator in the world by combining the latest innovations.

We want to make sales processes easier by helping buyers to configure and visualise products in real-world environments, in life-like 3D, providing customers with an unparalleled buying experience with digital continuity and seamless experiences, with immersive visual interaction with products and spaces.