Over the last eight years, turnover has increased from €5 millions to €60 millions, which means that the Company is one of the largest players in the upholstered furniture sector in the Nordic region.

Company’s ambition has always been to offer their customers every opportunity to influence the appearance of their particular sofa. Furninova values flexibility highly, and this is reflected in their range of sofas. Several models can be combined and built individually, and the customer has a free choice of upholstery from almost 500 fabrics and leathers.

Furninova is a company in perpetual evolution. Their goal is always to give their dealers and end consumers that extra, unexpected something that makes Furninova sofas the best place in the home.

VividPlatform for easier and faster sales process

Furninova selected VividPlatform to be a vital part of sales process, so that Furninova retailers could sell their customized products more efficiently.



VividPlatform was a perfect choice for Furninova because it allows to build modular sofas in real time and to try all options instantly, which brings flexibility to Furninova’s offering. All fabrics are in use to bring the real look & feel and to support sales persons to offer right setup for the customers.

In addition VividPlatform enables sales personnel in each country to access the right collection and material libraries through the solution, which makes the sales process much easier and faster.

VividPlatform’s solution has helped Furninova to expand into multiple countries and retailers with excellent daily sales. Furninova has also expanded their VividPlatform solution with new features like VividAR and use of iPad along with the increase of multiple new product lines in the solution.