The company was founded by the Linde family with the name of JL Mobler og Taepper. The ILVA name was adopted in 1977 when the Linde family grew the business with three large trading outlets: two in Copenhagen (Ishoj and Lyngby) and one in the Denmark’s second city – Arhus – in Jutland. The company grew steadily to become Denmark’s second most popular furniture retailer – behind IKEA. In 2008 they opened their first store also in Reykjavik, Iceland

Sales outside opening hours

The cooperation with Ilva started in December 2010 through Furninova, who is supplier of Ilva Sofas. VividWorks cooperation with Furninova led to the activation of the 3D application also on Ilva’s homepage and in their shops as a sales tool.

VividWorks is now presented In 5 Ilva shops; 4 in Denmark and 1 in Sweden. There is touch screen and flat screen in each shop with VividPlatform solution on them.



Ilva’s cooperation with VividWorks started with only few sofas activated to the solution, but already after a couple of months they increased the amount of presented products.

Ilva’s sales personnel have felt that the solution has helped them to reduce actual sales time and sell more sofas. There are more customers and above all, 40 % of them have been prepared the purchase all ready at home. Statistics have shown, that the customers are using the application mostly on times, when actual shops are closed. This means that shops are getting more customer attention outside of the opening hours.

Easier sales process lowers also the pressure on sales personnel, because even the inexperienced salespeople can sell sofas with this easy-to-use-solution.