La-Z-Boy, founded in 1928 in USA, is a global furniture manufacturer and retailer. After nearly 40 years as a primarily recliner manufacturer, La-Z-Boy expanded their line to include reclining and modular sofas, stationary and lifting chairs and eventually a full line of home furnishings. The company has 70 stores in the US and holds over 200 US and international patents on styles and mechanisms. La-Z-Boy uses VividWorks solutions to digitalize their 70 business locations. VividWorks solutions are used to tailor customizable furniture to meet customer needs and style. Changes to construction are all automatically done as furniture pieces are built with the 3D furniture design program.


Furniture details integrate to La-Z-Boy’s CRM systems ensuring that pricing and manufacturing details are correct. Customers can build a model of their living space by adjusting wall dimensions and adding features like doors and windows. In addition, marker based AR is utilized by the company so that customers can place furniture into a still photo of their room.

Products used: Product Composer, Interior Planner, Sales Connection, Marker based VividAR