Selling more with Augmented Reality

Lindström – Selling more with Augmented Reality

Lindström Group, a Finnish multinational B-to-B textile services provider, runs a rental mat service to keep the look of client companies in tip-top shape every single day. The selection covers doormats, ergonomic and corridor mats, traditional mud mats and stylish solutions that suit their clients’ corporate image.

The mats make a huge difference in how people view a client company’s premises and the company itself. However, when the mats should be chosen, many people find it difficult to visualize how the mats would look in the premises. The mat selection is also so large that even viewing them all and comparing alternatives has been challenging.

Scandic Oulu compared mats with AR

Scandic Oulu, a 214-room business hotel in the heart of Finland’s city of Oulu, needed new mats in order to freshen up the hotel rooms a bit and improve the guest experience. At the same time, attractive design and high quality are very important for the hotel, which is decorated in a pure and minimalistic Scandinavian style.

Lindström offered Scandic Oulu a unique chance to see, with LiveDesign made by VividWorks, how mats would look like in their planned places. Scandic Oulu was also able to compare the impact of different sizes, shapes, colors and lay-out options. LiveDesign uses Augmented Reality, AR, to show images of furniture in a real-life environment.

“The Lindström Sales Representative had a tablet computer that we used to view places where we were considering placing mats. The tablet let us view each room type with a Lindström mat in the image. We wanted to see the different options of mats they had and that was also possible to do on the tablet. We were able to design the rooms and the new look the way we envisioned. This made me feel confident in choosing the right mat in every room of ours and helped get the order done, tells Juha Kolehmainen, the General Manager of Scandic Oulu.

Quicker decisions

In addition to helping end customers visualize mats in their planned places, Lindström has noticed other advantages.

Sales processes get faster and sales representatives gain more credibility. With the tool, the full selection of mats can be shown instantly by any sales representative anywhere in the same way. The tool allows sales representatives to be seen more as interior designers.

LiveDesign enthuses customers to make deals quickly. It also helps to meet challenges caused by size in some big organizations. Sometimes decision makers can’t come to see where the mats should be placed, if, for instance, there are branches in different cities. In these cases, the Lindström sales representative can visit branches without the decision maker, shoot photos of the locations adding images of the mats to the photos and add the photos to the quotation.

Lindström may also show branded options that have not been produced yet. Lindström sales representatives may add images of mats with end clients’ logos to photos and show end clients how Lindström products can fully support the company image they desire.

The tool helps end clients to communicate about the new mats, too. For example, the installation group can be given easy instructions about paving the mats.

The way to make sales in future

Lindström has noticed the difference that LiveDesign makes in both sales and customer experience.

“LiveDesign has positively affected our sales. When clients can see the right mats in the actual places, it is much easier for them to buy”, says Satu Haikarainen, the Global Head of Product Concept of Lindström Group.

“Using LiveDesign is fun too. It enthuses customers because it is a bit like playing a game. The game just happens in their own premises with items that they might get.”

Lindström first piloted the AR tool in Finland. The results of the pilot were so good that Lindström has decided to start using the tool in other countries where it does business.

“We have just launched LiveDesign in seven other European countries. More countries will follow. This is clearly the way to make sales in future,” says Haikarainen.

“In future, we may extend the use of LiveDesign to other products, as well,” tells Haikarainen.