Interior Design has been one of Mio’s key words over the years. However, one of the main issues you encounter as a salesperson has been the size and volume of the products and how to present them conveniently to the customers. Will the furniture fit and how will it look in actual room? This process usually takes several visits to the furniture store before the customers comes to a decision.

VividPlatform enabled exceptional
service for the customers

With this in mind Mio teamed up with VividWorks to see how this problem could be solved. The investment they made for VividPlatform, abled them to give an exceptional service for the customers.



Customers had, for the first time, the opportunity to use the building tool with Mio products and see the final result fast. This enhanced Mio as the leading retail chain in Sweden, and provided top service to their customers.

Mio can now provide their customers a top class building tool, which really gives them a feeling of the product without spending those extra visits to the store. In addition, customers decision time has pretty much been cut in half.

VividPlatform’s building tool was the perfect answer for Mio, making a big difference for both salesperson and end customers.