Muurame selection consists of hundreds of different modules, which makes it nearly impossible to realize all the possibilities. It was difficult for customers to imagine all the opportunities and it was also demanding and time-consuming process for sales personnel to build the collection in question and especially make changes afterwards. To speed up and make the overall sales process more pleasant something had to be done.

It turned out that the solution based on VividPlatform was the most suitable one. Besides the user-friendly program, one of the most essential points was that you could actually put the whole module range in the system and then create all the possible combinations. Activated application was called DesignWiz, and at the first phase only the sales personnel and selected retailers used it.

Possibilities of own product became understandable

The results were what wanted; it was so much easier and faster to visually build on 3D according to the customer’s needs than trying to combine pieces from brochure. When you had finished planning or made some changes, the measures and price were already instantly calculated.



Also the Muurame’s own design team was pleased by the new opportunities. Now you were able to concentrate on planning and building new collection set-ups without feeling your hands were tied. “Suddenly I understand possibilities of my own product”, summarizes well the added value solution brought.

The whole product line was
integrated with VividPlatform

Encouraged by this experiment it was time to execute the next step of their strategy with VividPlatform and activate online public DesignWiz-application for customers. Soon after this the whole product line was extended to the system. In practice this meant that Muurame started to build whole new business concept based on their homepage and DesignWiz. The new concept enabled the customer-oriented ideology become even more important part of Muurame’s business; now also the customers can be designers and formalize individual combinations. Muurame has all the time actively developed the visibility of their DesignWiz and al the efforts can be clearly seen in increased activity in their homepage and sales.