Vepsäläinen’s customers are seeking for quality and unique custom made products for their individual needs, therefore many of the manufacturers represented by Vepsäläinen have such a wide selection of different combinations. This leads to a challenging task for sales personnel to handle all the variations and especially it is difficult for the customer to illustrate how the product will look in live. To enhance their customer service even further Vepsäläinen decided to go on the market for new sales tool, which would bring new perspective to the sales situation.

Worked as planned

Seven of the manufactures, which use Vepsäläinen as a retailer, had a solution by VividPlatform. After founding out how useful the application was, also Vepsäläinen became interested in it. Co-operation with VividWorks started in 2008. The existing seven manufacturer’s applications were linked to the Vepsäläinen’s homepage and an in-house Sales system was brought in.



This concept worked as planned, customers were actively using the application and sales personnel felt it really supported their daily activities when planning modular products.

New web strategy with VividPlatform

Having over twenty producers in the solution was made possible with VividPlatform. In 2010 Vepsäläinen established a new web-strategy and renewed their homepage. As part of this change, they built an own system based on new features of Vivid Platform’s Interior Planner and AR. Features of these solutions abled customers of Vepsäläinen to plan and visualize how the furniture is going to look like in the planned space, with the possibility to combine the products of different manufacturers.

All in all, this new web-concept will certainly attract customers and reflect those values that Vepsäläinen is all about: strong co-operation relationships and professionalism in order to serve customers.