Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Our VividPlatform-powered VR Showrooms allow you to visualise your product configuration changes in real time and immersive real-space.

Floorplans can easily be designed for VR HMDs (head-mounted displays), allowing users to fully experience real-space environments and better appreciate real life dimensions.

We weave VR and HQR into a seamless experience for showrooms and expos, whilst taking image quality to the next level – photorealistic, life-like visualizations with viewing angles that mirror real life.

Head-mounted displays combined with immersive virtual reality renderings provide a new, dynamic way of experiencing visual configurations. Customers can experience accurate, real-life renderings of products situated within their chosen environments, whilst commercial clients are able to view the configuration process in real-time – even while it is in progress. Realistic scale renderings of products and floor plans can be customized, combined and viewed with more detail than ever before.

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