Product Updates

April 13, 2021

VividPlatform™ 5.2 is out!

See below for the most important changes

What is new:

360 Panorama

Create and share HQR rendered equirectangular-panoramic images straight from VividPlatform™ powered applications. The panoramic images can be viewed in a separate viewer application that also supports mobile use through phones and tablets, and also VR viewing mode with glasses such as Google Cardboard VR.

Eye Tracking Support with VIVE

Support for Eye Tracking with VIVE Pro Eye through the SteamVR platform. When enabled in the application and used with a compatible device, Eye Tracking data is automatically sent to SteamVR where the data can then be used with various analytics software such as Tobii to create heatmaps and other analysis.

iOS / iPadOS 14 Support

Our iOS / iPadOS builds have been verified to officially support the latest version of the Apple mobile OS.  

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