VividPlatformTM: Real-time Visualization Solution

VividPlatformTM is our innovative, user-friendly, and customizable Cloud-based flexible product configuration platform offering true omnichannel support. Facilitating sales and integrating with back-end systems, VividPlatform offers web-based configuration and visualization sales management for commerce to promote faster purchasing decisions.

Delivering stunning 3D visualizations to successfully drive business objectives and accelerate sales, VividPlatform’s three-layer architecture – Visualization-Content-Connectivity – enables users to scale-up services and integrate with sales processes.

VividWorks’ Online Buyers Tools allow your customers to configure products online utilizing our unique catalog functionality, with constant updates of materials and pricing to support your sales processes.

Our Digital Showroom Tools extend
product configuration out of home and into showrooms and stores, showcasing with VR technology so that your customers can visualize products in immersive real-world settings with real-time updates.

Professional Sales Tools utilize online planning visual offers to sync with your back-end systems and offer the ultimate in functionality, enhancing relationships with customers and
increasing sales conversion rates.

VividPlatform for Omnichannel Retail