Visual Sales Platform

Visual Sales Platform

VividPlatformTM offers a web-based configuration and visualization sales management platform for commerce to promote faster purchasing decisions.

VividPlatformTM is an innovative, user-friendly, and fully customizable web-based configuration and visualization sales management platform for commerce, delivering stunning 3D visualizations that successfully drive business objectives and promote faster purchasing decisions.

Three-layer architecture – Visualization-Content-Connectivity – enables users to scale-up services and integrate with sales processes.

VividPlatform for Omnichannel Retail

VividPlatformTM offers true omnichannel support with the in-store addition of 4K/HQR (high quality rendering) and VR (virtual reality) head-mounted display (HMD) technologies – extending existing AR (augmented reality) capabilities and providing real-time access to VividPlatformTM Cloud services, with content available across all client devices with Cloud access.