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Trusted by 500+ leading brands

The 3D Configurator Built to Scale

Master complex sales with 3D and AR product configurator.
Sell any product in any channel easily, and seamlessly with VividWorks platform.

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Used by the world's best companies

Trusted by 2000+ leading brands

The 3D Product Configurator for eCommerce

Master complex sales with 3D and AR product configurator. Sell any product in any channel easily, and seamlessly with VividWorks platform.

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All-in-one 3D Product Configurator

Your products are complex and need to be effectively showcased to drive sales. The VividWorks platform helps you build a product configurator, a tool designed to manage unlimited product assets and components. This system is engineered to operate seamlessly as you grow, equipped with an intelligent engine for guided configuration and a platform that facilitates smooth sales across multiple channels. VividWorks has delivered 3D solutions to numerous companies across various industries.


Build, customize & view

3D scenes

integration (Shopify, WooCommerce)

Price & Quote



Furniture Brands

Home Goods


Building Supplies

Consumer Goods

Create an Immersive 3D Product Experience that Sells

Our team will walk through with you about our solutions and how we will help you build the 3D product configurator that will help you:
  • Increase conversions by as much as 50%
  • Reduce returns by as much as 40%
  • Configure and send accurate pricing easily as we're intergrated with all the major CRM, eCommerce platforms
  • Grow and update your portfolio of product images seamlessly and easily
  • Launch new product faster
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Why VividWorks 3D Configurator

Show product customisation, in real time

  • Let customers build and customize products in real time
  • Showcase complex products with endless combinations
  • Streamline the buying process with instant pricing and quoting
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Drive conversions & sales

  • Boost your conversions with interactive product visuals
  • Wow customers with stunning 3D representation of products
  • Let customers preview products in their own environment using Augmented Reality
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Seamlessly integrate with your systems

  • Integrate with your eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and more
  • Work seamlessly with your CPQ. No more errors in quoting.
  • Easily integrate with your PIM, DAM and other 3D tools

Brands that use VividWorks and why they love us

Grew revenue by 120%

The visualization of final solutions is critical. It gives a clear idea about how our planters will look, and that it will fit within the given measurements of a roof or terrace. The shopping list with price and weight is also very valuable, as both we an and our customers can get an instant idea about what they need to build any solution.
Kristian Bye
"Previously, we used far more resources to close a sale. This is both because our salespeople had to provide more guidance along the way, and because the decision-making process with the customer took longer due to the greater deal of uncertainty involved."
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Jan Axelsen

Store Manager

"VividWorks' solution allows our customers to digitally configure and purchase an assortment with limitless combinations. Before, it was difficult to convey the full scope of possibilities available within the assortment to our customers. We can now clearly showcase the vast array of options, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience"
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Jonas Hansen

eCommerce Manager

"We offer a high degree of flexibility and our product can be tailored to meet individual needs. It can be challenging to visualize the end product. VividWorks' helps our customers to better comprehend the product and its variants. It has also enabled our retailers to create custom pieces by combining different components, resulting in a more personalized and satisfying customer experience
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Iiris Hollo

Development Manager

Experience the Power of True 3D configurator

Convert more with true, fully-viewable 3D.

true 3d photo

High-Quality Resolution

Up to 4K resolution for
unmatched visual quality

AR & VR support

Explore the product and its exact measurements from any angle


Photo-realistic materials,
textures and color rendering

Efficient Integration

Integrate with your existing
eCommerce, CRM and ERP systems

360° Panorama Views

Bridge the digital and physical world to provide a real lifelike experience

Visual CPQ

Error-free orders, real time pricing, automated quoting process