Online 3D Room Planner for Interior Designs

Create and fulfill designs of any size and detail with ease in real time

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Room wall configuration

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Easy-to-Use 3D Room Planner

Create 3D interactive designs that inspire and convert


Floor plans & Interior designs

Product configuration

Photorealistic rendering

4K & 360° panorama

Exact measurements


Floor plans and interior designs

  • Create detailed floor plans and interior designs with accurate dimensions and various combinations to suit your needs
  • Design products in 3D and seamlessly place them into a space to provide a comprehensive overview of your products
  • All needed elements are included in the design and Bill of Material (BOM) documentation
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Photorealistic designs with natural light

  • View and present your projects with 4K resolution 360-degree view
  • Move furniture, set camera angles, adjust lighting, and much more
  • Convert your projects into photorealistic images and download them in DXF and PDF format

Decorate your space any way you want

  • Import your own photos and create a catalog out of them
  • Adjust your furniture by changing the color, style, pattern and more
  • Create a perfect room design with a wide selection of wall and floor materials
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Showcase your product catalog

  • Cross-sell your products and visualize them in living spaces
  • Integrate your product catalog in the 3D planner with all kinds of variations in size, color and shape
  • Non-sellable decorative products can be included for visualization purposes as well

Configure, Price, Quote (Visual CPQ)

  • Works with enterprise sales and order systems, and installation processes by producing detailed specifications of the user made configuration
  • All design-based quotes created are automatically sent to ERP and CRM systems
  • All data are automatically updated through integrations
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3d image of apartment being configuredFull summary and invoice from room

Online Room Planner

Convert more with true, fully-viewable 3D.

true 3d photo


Photo-realistic materials,
textures and color rendering

Rule-based configurator

Handles complex product rules and modular building logic

Room planning

2D floor plans and 3D interior designs

Efficient Integration

Integrate with your existing
eCommerce, CRM and ERP systems

AR, VR & Animations

Bridge the digital and physical world to
provide a real lifelike experience

Configure, Price, Quote

Error-free orders, real time pricing, automated quoting

How to get started

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1. Book a demo

Book a demo or contact us to discuss your business needs and make sure we are a fit.

2. Scoping & Proposal

We review your use case, product catalog, then provide a quote for the subscription fee and implementation cost based on your product's complexity and requirements.

3. Implementation

Upon approval, we kick off the project with a team meeting. Regular status meetings are then scheduled to keep you updated on the project's progress.

4. Go live

When your app is ready and approved, it's ready to go live. Our dedicated support team remains at your disposal to assist with any queries you may have.

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