3D Product Configurator for Magento

Magento plugin is now available!

Unlimited true-to-life customization

Empower your customers with a seamless and visually immersive product customization experience. Integrate our cutting-edge 3D Product Configurator into your Magento store and display all possible product combinations with photo-realistic materials, textures and color renderings.

3D Configuration of sofa
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Advanced product configuration

Our rule-based configurator effortlessly handles complex product rules, guaranteeing 100% accuracy in sales quotes and orders. Precise measurements ensure a seamless and reliable online shopping experience throughout the sales cycle, instilling customer confidence and satisfaction.

Manage your product catalog

The web-based interface makes managing 3D configuration and defining product rules easy for you, your partner, or us. Add or change products effortlessly, ensuring flexibility as your offerings evolve.

3D Configuration of sofa
3D Configuration of sofa

Real-time pricing & add-to-cart

The integration ensures real-time pricing display, allowing customers to see the exact cost of their personalized product composition. Customers can add personalized products to cart with a click, skipping manual entry.

Seamless manufacturing

Effortlessly streamline your manufacturing process with our advanced configurator. It automatically generates print-ready files, detailed Bill of Materials (BOM), and assembly instructions, covering every product detail, including SKUs, parts, finishes, and more.

3D Configuration of sofa
3D Configuration of sofa

Augmented Reality

Experience a completely new level of product customization and visualization! Let your customers place your products in their living space, helping them make informed purchasing decisions. Embrace AR to differentiate your business, create interactive marketing opportunities, and drive customer satisfaction.

Easy setup and free installation

Get your 3D product configurator up and running in a matter of minutes with our guided installation and setup. If you're a VividWorks customer, the VividWorks 3D Configurator & Augmented Reality app is available for free installation on the Adobe Commerce Store.

3D Configuration of sofa