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3D Plant Boxes Configurator: BEDD

BEDD, an innovative furniture company, utilizes VividWorks' 3D Configurator for their custom garden and plant boxes, increasing customer engagement and sales ๐Ÿš€

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly shifted consumer buying behavior, with a rapid increase in online purchasing. As shopping predominantly moved online, retailers faced the challenge of adapting to this new landscape. BEDD, a pioneering planter solutions company, recognized the need to meet changing customer expectations.

BEDD is a Norwegian company that develops and supplies planters and raised beds in systems for gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces. It offers unique opportunities to design your own planters and raised garden beds for terraces, gardens, and community spaces. The modules can be built on bottom plates with legs or wheels for mobility. They like to call it "Lego for the garden." The company was founded in 2016 and has scaled rapidly in the Norwegian market.

The Challenge

BEDD faced significant challenges before integrating VividWorks' 3D configurator into their sales process:

  • Difficulty visualizing opportunities and solutions for their modular system
  • Limited customer orders to basic configurations with a limited order value
  • The time-consuming process of manually creating drawings for complex solutions
  • Tedious calculation of required parts for each configuration
โ€We had to spend a lot of time drawing complex solutions in PowerPoint or by hand, and then calculate all the parts that went into it.โ€ โ€“ Kristian Bye, CEO at BEDD

The Solution

BEDD started cooperating with VividWorks in 2021 to develop a 3D product configurator for more extensive system solutions. As a result, from February 2022, consumers, retailers, and architects can design custom-made plant boxes and get a complete overview of the components. The same solution is used by leading furniture manufacturers such as Montana, Professional Furniture and Lundia.

Benefits of the VividWorks 3D Product Configurator:

  • Clear visualization of final planter solutions
  • Enhanced customer ability to imagine the appearance of planters
  • Ensured planters would fit within given measurements of roofs or terraces
  • The shopping list feature provided instant information on price and weight
  • Enabled BEDD and their customers to understand the required components for each solution
โ€The visualization of final solutions is critical. It gives a clear idea about how our planters will look, and that it will fit within the given measurements of a roof or terrace. The shopping list with price and weight is also very valuable, as both we an and our customers can get an instant idea about what they need to build any solution.โ€- Kristian Bye, CEO at BEDD

The video shows you how BEDD's customers can use our design tool to set goals for your patio, choose a surface, and design planters that are perfect for your patio or garden. Check out the app here.


Since integrating our 3D configurator, BEDD has witnessed significant changes in its business operations:

  • Increased sales to the professional segment
  • Effective meeting of detailed planning needs for large solutions
  • Reported increase in conversion rates and order values
  • Sales growth experienced by BEDD's retail partners
  • Ability to offer a new and valuable service to shoppers, driving higher sales volumes
  • Enhanced shopping experience aligning with changing consumer buying behavior, particularly online purchasing shift
โ€First of all, we have increased our sales to the professional segment, like building developers, contractors and interior architects. They usually plan for large solutions and need all details in place before they place an order. The conversion rate and order value for such orders have increased. Many of our retail partners have also increased sales of large BEDD solutions, as they can offer a new and valuable service to their shoppers.โ€ โ€“ Kristian Bye, CEO at BEDD

BEDD's collaboration with VividWorks and the implementation of our 3D configurator have revolutionized their approach to planter solution sales.

BEDD has addressed the pain points of limited visualization and simplified complex planning processes by providing customers with an intuitive and engaging platform to design their own planters.

The configurator has empowered customers to create personalized solutions, increased sales to the professional segment, and boosted the performance of BEDD's retail partners.

"I would like to share this video of our biggest project, where we used all the features of the VividWorks program to plan for the solution and get all the details right." โ€“ Kristian Bye, CEO at BEDD

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