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3D Sofa Configurator: EM Home

Dive into the success story of EM and learn how they leverage VividWorks' 3D sofa configurator to revolutionize their sales process and customer experience.

Combines the best of online and offline shopping

Using  VividWorks Visual CPQ tool, EM customers can start their purchase journey at  home. With the help of the Augmented Reality app for iPad,  customers  can take a picture of their own room and upload a furniture selection  into the photo to see how the furniture will look in reality. The  customer can also define a floorplan (just like interior designers do)  and position the furniture for a complete overview of the layout and  design.

"The way people shop has changed, so we need to sell differently too. People want to start the buying process online. That’s why it’s important that our website is inspiring and informative. And that’s what VividWorks delivers."

Michael Sturehed


Stores are still necessary

Once a customer has an idea of what they want after browsing online, they tend to visit an EM store to see the furniture in person before ordering. Even though the product catalog is brought to  life online, it will never replace the need to see and touch the  products, such as feeling the comfort level of a bed or chair. This is  still an important part of the buying process.

But for stores, the customer’s ‘homework’ results in a  significantly easier sales process, because the customer is much more  informed when visiting a store. Which is why EM has noticed  increased customer satisfaction in addition to increased sales.

Here are some of the benefits

Design online, anytime anywhere

Super realistic colors, textures and finishes

Only allows combinations that are possible

Supports the salesperson’s role in the store as a sales tool

Want to see how it works?

You can try the Vividworks implementation straight from their website.