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3D Kitchen Configurator: Ideal Keittiöt

Straightforward kitchen design integrated into production

Oodi Keittiöt is Kesko’s collection of furnishings for construction projects in corporate sales. A quick and easy furnishing concept has also been introduced alongside it. The new Oodi Express collection is a selection of furnishings for kitchens, closets and bathrooms that is perfect for companies working in construction or renovation and for the housing industry. The new, straightforward process for placing orders for Oodi Express furnishings and Electrolux appliances paired with speedy delivery will provide a necessary service to builders, while also aiding in the production and renovation of rental apartments and in damage repair work.

Oodi Express Planner is an application provided by VividWorks that makes the ordering process fast, seamless and automated, every step of the way from design to delivery. Not only is placing an order made easy, but Oodi Express furniture is also famous for its patented Click structure. This makes the overall structure stronger, assembly faster and the solution reduces the carbon footprint of the furniture by 50%.

Ideal Keittiöt, all in one design view

The Oodi Express Planner application was designed to be used by Kesko Group’s corporate clients. When the customer has laid out the design for their furnishings package, Oodi Express Planner and the automated ordering and production control process will ensure that all the kitchen furnishings will be ready to use within two weeks.

In today’s furniture market, it is relatively rare for manufacturers to choose to produce a bulk stock of product. At the same time, however, customers often need to get their kitchen ready quickly. That is why all Oodi Express collection products are ready-made and in stock. “With Oodi Express Planner, you can order all the kitchen furnishings you need, such as cabinets and household appliances and sockets, no matter where you are, even directly from the construction site,” says Jussi Peltoniemi, a partner at Ideal Keittiöt.

You do not need to be a design professional to use the app. The design program is integrated with production and making incorrect selections is simply impossible. There are plenty of options in terms of colors and collections, and the app also allows users to manage a wide range of frames.

Works well for house factories too

Oodi Express Planner brings a new dimension to tailor-made house packages. In the past, changes to pre-made packages have been labor-intensive and the end user has often been forced to make trade-offs between what they’d really like and what is affordable.

With Oodi Express Planner, house factories and construction companies can work with their customers to create tailor-made projects. Just let the software guide the design process – it will immediately display the end result, and the changed price. All work is done online and you will always be working with the latest, up-to-date version. There is virtually no manual labour involved and no risk of human error – all without increased costs.

“Process automation is also an important component in managing fast delivery times and costs”

Jussi Peltoniemi

A project that challenged tradition

Starting in 2020, VividWorks has been a part of the largest digital leap in Ideal Keittiöt’s history, with the stated intention to challenge traditional ways of buying and selling kitchen furnishings. This bold leap into the unknown meant that Ideal Keittiöt had to truly believe in what they were doing, but shortly after getting started with the project, it became clear that this was the right track.

“VividWorks was an ideal partner and completed its portion of the work perfectly as planned and, to our pleasant surprise, with a very quick turnaround time. These sorts of projects can wind up being long, taking even years to complete. Even though this time around we started practically from scratch, in just half a year the entire collection had been modelled and the first pilot projects were underway. At first the weekly development cycle seemed much too short, but week after week the team at VividWorks performed beyond all expectations”, Peltoniemi explains.

Oodi Express Planner has also been well received in the Kesko Group as a fast and cost-effective way to purchase kitchen furnishings, making it one of Kesko’s top projects.

Ideal Keittiöt is pleased to expand on this concept that has been proven to work. The company’s next step is a B2C online store that will provide the consumer with a shortcut to purchasing all of the kitchen furnishings they need.

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