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June 16, 2020

Pre-Sales is the path to a better customer experience

VividWorks has deployed a Pre-Sales team that operates as a crucial resource supporting sales, marketing and production.

The Pre-Sales team determines what sort of solution is the most logical way forward to meet customer needs. Pre-Sales is also the expert guide in helping customers identify and utilize their content to get the most out of it, as content plays the most important role in applications.

Better process, best possible outcome

Quality of the production process is improved from offer all the way to delivery when Pre-Sales clarifies the estimations concerning cost and schedule early on in the quotation phase. Pre-Sales also participates in planning and exhibiting the possible solutions for the customer with the help of demos and various preliminary reports.

Sometimes the customer already has clear and specific requirements for the solution. In such cases, the demo concentrates on polishing details and features. If defining is still in the making, Pre-Sales can help help find the best perspective.

Thanks to thorough background work, the offer is equal to reality, the demo fulfills the needs, and the product matches the promises made. In the defining phase, the possible use case scenarios and necessary technologies are also pondered when searching for the best possible solution. With these steps covered, customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

What to do with your content?

When facing a new assignment, the first question is always the same: What is the easiest way to utilize, govern and maintain the customer’s sales material? Whether it is a sofa or a paper machine, Pre-Sales assists in finding the potential way to create added value for the client via the solution. 3D-models of the sales material form the core for the design phase. The models can be ready or they can be created with the help of VividWorks.

Pre-Sales is based on refining and utilizing these models in order to make content creation easy and efficient. 3D content is refined precisely to match the needs and resources of customers. Content Studio, a content management tool for VividPlatform™ based applications, makes it easy to manage and create content. Pre-Sales also surveys together with the Sales team how 3D content could be utilized throughout the project from modelling to the completed solution.

Benefits all around and an extra kick from integrations

The strong technical know-how of the Pre-Sales team benefits the customer but also VividWorks’ own research and development unit. Pre-Sales can be seen as an engine that works in various ways and makes processes better all around.

VividWorks does not offer one tool for a single phase because the goal is to enhance the whole process and boost business. In addition to content management, integrations can be used in building a solid sales tube from exhibition all the way to planning, ordering and manufacturing in a most controlled manner.

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