February 15, 2023

3D Visualization for Online Product Experience

Learn how to enhance your eCommerce website and craft an exceptional shopping experience using 3D configurators. Boost visibility, conversion, and much more!

The product experience is a crucial part of the sales process. If your customers don't like your products, they won't buy them. This is why it's crucial to create an amazing product experience that will make your customers want to buy from you.

Product Experience: The Era of eCommerce

Despite the prevailing exceptional circumstances, certain basic needs remain for both people and businesses. In the B2B market, solutions and products still need to be able to be presented and people who spend more time at home are still decorating, furnishing and renovating their homes - or moving to a new  home. More realism and a sense of wow are needed to make a purchase decision as businesses and consumers optimize their spending.

Businesses now need to adapt to a situation where people are not physically in meetings, on the streets or in shops to receive advertising or to compare products and service providers. The digital user experience has been more stressed, not just for e-commerce, but also for other aspects of businesses. For instance, in the realm of HR, the integration of enterprise recruitment software has become more essential than ever, aiding in the process of selecting the best talent to drive business strategies forward and create the best product experience. Still, the show must go on and a prerequisite for success right now is to bring these same opportunities online, because despite the limitations, our goal is to live daily life as normally as possible. Basic needs haven’t disappeared - they help us to cope moving forward and create faith in the future.

The Importance of Digital Product Experience

When it comes to online shopping, there are millions of products available for you to browse, view and purchase. But how does a customer make up their mind about which product to buy when there is such a wide selection?

The most important part of any eCommerce website is the product experience. A good product experience can help you increase your conversion rate and sales. It is no longer about just having a website or an app, but about creating a seamless and personalized experience for your customers, who are using a range of devices and applications to shop online.

The product experience has always been an important part of business, but now it has become even more important with the rise of eCommerce. Customers can now shop online and get access to millions of products from around the world at any time. This has led to a huge increase in competition, which means companies have to work harder than ever before to stand out from their competitors and attract new customers. One way to do this is by improving your digital product experience.

How to Improve Online Product Experience with 3D Visualization

The most important part of any eCommerce website is the product experience. A good product experience can help you increase your conversion rate and sales.

Here are some tips to improve your digital product experience:

1. eCommerce

An eCommerce website is one of the most important channels when it comes to improving your digital product experience because it allows consumers to see your products before actually making a purchase decision. This means that if you don't have an online shop where customers can buy your products directly from you, then this could mean losing out on sales opportunities

2. Product Visualization

A good product visualization is one of the key elements in a good user experience. It helps customers to understand what they're buying and how it looks like. Customers don't just buy products, they buy experiences, which includes visualizing products before buying them. So make sure you have high quality images of your products, or at least provide something that will help customers see what they're buying. You can use both 2D and 3D images to better describe your products.

3. Online 3D Product Configurator

You can improve your product experience with better visual experienes. Online 3D Configurator and Augmented Reality is something that can help you to achieve it. Consumers can see what they have actually purchased before they even buy it. Furthermore, they can fully interact with your products, understand their benefits and  ultimately decide on the product they want to buy. This can significantly reduce product returns and drive buying confidence.

Technology is bending to all of this, but in the past, such widespread interest in these solutions hasn’t been seen. As work and shopping habits change, what was considered to be in distant future is suddenly here faster than expected. Now that we have had to take a bigger leap, it remains to be seen whether the change that has taken place is permanent. Will the current state become the new normal and the former no longer exist?

If the technology is solid and proven in business use, fast, easy and cost-effective, why fight against change? The one who can engage the customer will win the sale and be successful in the future. Are you already creating wow effect for your customers with the help of Digital Twins?

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