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August 19, 2020

3D Virtual Tours – More Than Viewing

Virtual Reality (VR) has offered the convenience of exploring properties from home for a few years now. VividWorks takes this concept adding significant value to VR viewing.

Full use of wide range VR technology

VividWorks leverages virtual technology to offer its users even more than the real world. While you can visit a factory hall and marvel at the equipment, Virtual Tours allows you to visually dive into them. However, bathroom facilities cannot be used in the virtual world yet, even if they do look real.

The VR view is implemented by taking several 360-degree panoramic images of a space with a depth camera. The images are combined into a VR world where you can navigate via your computer screen or with VR glasses. When, for example, in a real estate transaction, such a VR presentation is the end product, in Virtual Tours it is only an intermediate stage.

Plenty of ways to utilize

In Virtual Tours, 360 images are simply a quick data collection tool for further action. From the images transferred to VividPlatform™, the dimensions and distances of the space are obtained directly with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). When a representation of the space has been created in a virtual environment, the real work can begin.

The solution has been utilized, for example, in the design of hospital operating rooms. Like a virtual drafting table, the required equipment can be arranged in the planned space, and after the real world location has been equipped according to the virtual plan, the virtual space can be re-purposed to support service, maintenance or training features to be built around it. In VR view, you can access a data bank via hotspots, which can include an unlimited amount of information on the features, structure or maintenance needs of the equipment and furniture. The more advanced solution also provides a direct route for selecting and ordering a replacement device.

From the hospital world, the solution can equally be transferred to, for example, gym design. In the virtual world, it is easy to arrange all the needed machines, weight plates and training benches and, if necessary, order maintenance for them.

Virtual Tours allows you to capture even large spaces. The design of a new restaurant is relatively effortless when the space to be renovated is first defined and then the tables, chairs, bar counters and key elements are positioned in place on the Platform. There is no need for a tape measure and with VR glasses on, different layout options can easily be viewed and verified, for example different defined zones and table arrangements.  Once the plan has been refined in the virtual world, implementation goes smoothly. After filming the completed space, the collected material can also be expanded to serve marketing and customers, as people looking for a place to eat can get to know the restaurant in a VR environment and, for example, choose their own table in the VR view.

The use is by no means limited to the restaurant sector, but with the same technology it is possible to design even an entire shopping center.

Heavy-duty high tech

The industry in which VividWorks operates is known for its rapid pace of development and the fact that today’s solutions may be old tomorrow. Camera technology is constantly evolving and now there are already cameras with 8K resolution. The development of VR glasses is also tremendous. In addition to ever-improving image resolution, the development of devices brings cost-effective performance. For example, when AI is utilized to help combine 360 ​​images, significantly fewer pixels are needed.

The world of technology is advancing at a rapid pace and certain choices will prove mercilessly correct. A good example of this is VividPlatform™, which, when adapted, makes it possible to adopt the latest technologies quickly. When combined with Virtual Tours, the Platform is able to show its best and offers almost unlimited possibilities for combining and utilizing various technology solutions, from the drafting table to manufacturing and maintenance.

Jorma Palo
VividWorks COO

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