Product Updates

June 3, 2021

VividPlatform™ 5.3

VividPlatform™ 5.3 applications can now be used with your mobile devices with no additional apps installed.

Mobile Browser and Touch Device Support

VividPlatform™ 5.3 applications can also be used with your mobile devices with no additional apps installed. Just open your application in your browser of choice. Touch Devices, generally speaking, are now supported, enabling the user to benefit from the intuitiveness of touch-based interaction.

Unity 2019

Unity version updated to 2019 LTS. This brings several improvements and advantages, such as: WebGL rendering resolution is now on "native" level. Meaning on 4K computers you get 4K level pixel resolution. Client build sizes have been reduced by roughly 20%.

Apple ARKit Official Support

View products in your room or environment. We now have support for the latest version of the Apple ARKit including vertical planes detection. In other words, you can now place products on walls in the AR experience.

Drag & Drop Interaction

For an even more intuitive user experience, we have enabled Drag & Drop from the product library to the 3D scene. Drag & Drop is enabled for all 3D model-based items in the main product and decoratives libraries. Product elements in the Product Configurator, floor plan library and other room items such as moulding, materials etc. do not support Drag & Drop.

360 Panorama Improvements

Users can now preview the actual camera view while positioning their Panorama viewpoints. When a viewpoint is selected, a corresponding camera window is also shown by which the user can verify the position used for panorama image generation.

Wall Item Improvements

Doors and windows can now be placed on sections of walls where there is an intersecting room divider line. This was not possible previously. In addition, wall openings and wall niches can be placed on the opposite side of a wall T-section.

Additionally, wall movement for products which can be placed on a wall has been improved to support horizontal and vertical alignment with other wall products, making it easier to build, for example, shelving systems or kitchen cabinets on a wall. Wall Items now also support additional padding which serve to restrict movement too close to wall edges.

Open iPad Application to Specific URL

It is now possible to provide more information with the URL used to launch the iPad app. Example format: Previously the ShopUserId would be discarded in the launched app.

This is mainly useful in situations where the iPad app is opened through a link. For example, the app could be launched by clicking on a link on a customer e-commerce site using the iPad's Safari (and other browsers). In this example, a shop identifier would be appended to the launched URL based on the link clicked, resulting in different products shown.

Placer Logic in Product Preview

Users can now modify products directly in Product Preview mode – just select a product in the 3D scene, no need to move enter the Product Configurator mode – making it possible to modify a product while also having the surrounding context visible, be it a room or other products.

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