November 18, 2021

3D for E-Commerce

Stunningly good-looking visual 3D configuration tools for a long time for various commerce use case

Shopping online is visual. But supporting configurability and visually pleasing experience tends to be a challenge. Today’s platforms are often lacking visually and poorly equipped to support configuring the product from options. But VividWorks, as you may know, has been pioneering making stunningly good-looking visual 3D configuration tools for a long time for various commerce use cases.

People buy things that pleases the eye

Producing visually pleasing and easily configurable experience for online buyers is a daunting task. From producing high quality 3D models, high-end textures, mapping SKUs and options to purchasable products without friction has not been easy or fast. But that is about to change: introducing our latest development, VividWorks 3D E-Commerce Configurator.

This new solution will allow you to

  • Take a 3D Product Configurator to use in minutes, manage your sellable items, import and configure the necessary 3D models, textures and options on your own or with our help, if you so prefer
  • easily embed the 3D Product Configurator to your shopping experience for your customers or distributors in your digital channels
  • sell a large set of products at global scale
  • integrate the 3D Product Configurator to your specific environment

Even more features in the future

Today, we are working with an exclusive set of customers in refining the features and functions of the initial release. The next step is to open waitlist for a larger customer base and continue work on building towards the vision above. This means adding broader support for increased product complexity, more options in configuration, additional integrations and extending towards new business verticals and other types of use, all of which we will talk more about in future.

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