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Lindström Group, a Finnish multinational B2B textile provider, significantly increased their sales by visualizing their products for their customers.

Visual CPQ with AR boosts Lindström's sales

No more dragging textiles around to customers who won’t get an idea of the final look from just a tiny piece of fabric anyway. From now on, Lindström salespeople will have the entire product range at their fingertips – and with just a few clicks are able to show the entire selection on the customer’s own premises.

Lindström first tried LiveDesign in Finland. The results were so promising that the company quickly decided to expand the tool to other markets.

"VividWorks' solution with Augmented Reality (AR) has positively affected our sales. When a customer can see the right mats in the right surroundings, it’s much easier for them to place an order. Customers love it because it's like a game; a game that actually takes place in their own surroundings and with things they might buy."

Satu Haikarainen

Global Head of Product Concept at Lindström Group

Benefits everywhere

Since then, Lindström has launched LiveDesign in seven other European countries. According to Satu Haikarainen, more countries are set to follow. The company will also be using LiveDesign for other products.

In addition to helping the customer visualize the mats ‘in situ’, Lindström has noticed other major benefits. Sales processes have been accelerated and salespeople have gained more credibility. With the LiveDesign tool, the full range of mats is instantly visible anywhere and by any salesperson.

Here are some of the benefits

Displays different designs in the customer’s own surroundings

All products are scalable and automatically adjusted

Instant display of prices and information

Eliminates errors and accelerates the sales process

Want to see how it works?

You can try the Vividworks implementation straight from their website.