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Lundia, established in 1948, is a furniture manufacturer and retailer with long traditions. Its flagship product is the Lundia Classic shelving system, a well-loved design classic in Finnish homes. The shelves' materials and appearance endure from one year to the next. With their durable quality and design, Lundia products could be described as the opposite of 'disposable'. Lundia markets its products via its own website and broad retailer network.

Lundia and VividWorks have come a long way together, since the days when Lundia was VividWorks’ first test customer of complex shelving systems. Beginning with the Visual CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool, their successful cooperation has lasted over ten years.

The Challenge

As consumer preferences evolved and competition intensified, Lundia faced the challenge of modernizing its sales and planning processes to meet the expectations of contemporary shoppers. With a diverse range of shelving solutions, including the iconic Lundia Classic, Lundia sought to enhance the customer experience, streamline sales operations, and drive revenue growth in an increasingly digital landscape.

Lundia's Classic shelving system is a modular solution known for its versatility offers unparalleled flexibility to adapt to varying spaces and needs. The shelves can be effortlessly customized with additional parts or transformed into multi-functional pieces like TV stands or storage cabinets, showcasing Lundia's commitment to sustainable and adaptable design.

Customers found it difficult to visualize all the different ways they could customize it. With so many options available, customers needed a clearer way to understand the possibilities and make informed choices about their shelving solutions.

The Solution

Lundia's partnership with VividWorks has spanned over a decade, with VividWorks' Visual CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) tool revolutionizing the sales and planning processes for Lundia's complex shelving systems.

The VividWorks Product Configuaror enables Lundia's customers to visualize their customized shelving solutions with precise measurements, providing a clear representation of the final product before purchase. This interactive tool has proven instrumental in enhancing customer experience and decision-making.

"It is the key tool of our stores and retailers. In addition to a written price quote, the customer can take home a clear image of the assembly they choose, complete with measurements. The image is impressive and viewing the product helps customers to make a purchase decision", says Iiris Hollo, Development Manager.  

Moreover, sales representatives utilize the configurator during in-store consultations and home visits, delivering personalized design solutions that resonated with customers on a profound level.

"We offer design visits in customers' homes, during which a designer can use the program to present different options, and the customer can see the adaptability of our product. This is an extremely well-functioning, unique tool for design visits" Hollo adds.

The Results

The 3D product configurator developed by VividWorks enhances the Lundia's customer journey by offering an immersive and interactive design experience. Customers are not only able to create unique shelf assemblies, but they can also virtually experiment with different design elements and room configurations.

By using the planning program, customers can visualize their customized shelving solutions in a realistic and detailed manner. This revolutionizes the shopping experience, as customers can accurately assess how the shelves will look and function in their space before making a purchase. The program provides a tangible representation of the final product, enabling customers to make informed decisions and feel confident in their choices.

The Lundia Classic collection includes shelving in natural wood, or coated with white, brown or black lacquer. With the configurator, customers can now order the shelving system from Lundia's website without contacting the sales team.

In 2018, black shelving could not yet be selected using the program, and sales were clearly lower than for other colors. When black was added, sales doubled in many stores in the first quarter alone.

"Consumers are using the program to plan black shelving arrangements in noticeably higher numbers" -  Iiris Hollo, Development Manager.

In addition to creating different shelf assemblies, the planning program can be used to change the colors and materials of walls or floors, and to add interior design elements and objects to a room. Arranging and positioning products in the chosen space are no longer confined to tape measures and the imagination, but shelving plans can be brought to life on a computer screen from the comfort of your own sofa.

Iiris Hollo, Lundia's Development Manager, highlights the positive impact of the program on sales performance. Products that are visualized using the planning program tend to showcase better sales performance compared to those that are not. This demonstrates the transformative effect of digital tools in the retail space, where customers are empowered to engage in more personalized and informed decision-making processes

"Products presented on the program seem to sell better", Hollo reports.

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Iiris Hollo

Development Manager

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