3D Cabinet Configurator: Mirror Line

Discover how VividWorks' 3D Cabinet Design Software empowers Mirror Line to offer highly customizable cabinets online, enhancing customer engagement and sales

Mirror Line manufactures sliding doors and various storage solutions with 25 years of experience and the quality and reliability that can be expected from an Ostrobothnian family business. The tailor-made products are manufactured at their Karijoki factory in South Ostrobothnia. The company wishes to manufacture long-lived and durable Finnish products, which serve as a firm objection to throwaway culture.

The Visual CPQ-tool by VividWorks isa key tool for retailers. Thanks to fast pricing and easy design, the tool makes selling the tailor-made products straightforward.

Quick configuration and precise pricing

Cooperation with VividWorks began a decade ago, when Mirror Line wanted to develop a design software to support their retailers. When choosing the software supplier, Mirror Line emphasized the importance of finding a local operator.

Quality, ease of use and communication are combined in the Finnish option, says marketing manager Laura Saaranluoma about the selection criteria.

The software was ahead of its time and the market wasn’t ready for such modernization. Therefore, the bulk of the development labor was left to wait for the right moment. Development of the sales tool continued in 2011 with further functions advancement, making the tool a valuable asset for the sales team.

From MirrorLine’s perspective, the most important feature in the CPQ tool for their retailers is the ‘P’, which stands for pricing.

Previously, tenders had to be rotated through accounting, but now retailers can design cabinets and immediately provide their customer with a picture including pricing. The software has been praised as good and user-friendly throughout the sales chain.

3D revolutionizes the design of tailor-made products

As recently as a few years ago Mirror Line was a clear pioneer in utilizing 3D models. Lately the technology has found its way to other companies and their sales processes. Although3D has become more mainstream in consumer sales with a variety of solutions,VividPlatform™ does not pale in comparison with equivalent software solutions when it comes to image quality and usability.

The customer can easily compare different options in store, since the software updates changes to the design and subsequent price in real time.

For our customers, it’s important to see straight away what their tailor-made product looks like. There’s a vast range of possibilities and it would be a challenge to sell sliding doors and cabinets based solely on a mental image. With the software, the customer can try out different models or color combinations and find new ideas for their decor, says Saaranluoma about the advantages of the software.

Here are some of the benefits

Want to see how it works?

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