3D Shelving Configurator: Montana

With the VividWorks Visual CPQ solution, customers are well-prepared when they come to the Montana store in Copenhagen. This increases sales, and according to store manager Jan Axelsen, adds plenty of goodwill to the buying experience.

"We save time and avoid costly mistakes"

There are endless ways to configure Montana modules. Whatever the room, the customer is able to find the perfect solution and thus fulfil the company’s slogan of ‘creating space for individuality’. The sheer number of available options used to be a challenge for Montana, because in practice the salespeople had to provide considerable guidance. The time from initial interest to final sale was long and involved extensive use of physical catalogs.

But according to Jan Axelsen, store manager of Montana Store in Copenhagen, the biggest challenge was that the customer could only imagine what the assembled solution might look like in their own home. Would the color be right? And how would the modular configuration actually work in practice? There are without doubt some customers who were a little surprised when they opened their boxes.

"Previously, we used far more resources to close a sale. This is both because our salespeople had to provide more guidance along the way, and because the decision-making process with the customer took longer due to the greater deal of uncertainty involved."

Jan Axelsen

Store Manager at Montana Store in Copenhagen

VividWorks works

The VividWorks Visual CPQ solution turns the customer into a bit of a  designer. Via an intuitive program on Montana Furniture’s website, the  customer can build their own shelving unit as a 3D visualization, adding  colors and combinations as they require. They can even rotate their design to view it from any angle.

Allowing the customer to explore the Montana universe – and see  their personal solution in practice – makes a big difference according to Jan Axelsen. It means the customer is really well-prepared when they turn up  at the store in Bredgade to finalize details. The customer’s solution is often ready to order – sometimes all the salesperson and customer  need to do is make a few final adjustments together. Even though the  program displays the final shelving solution, it’s always nice for the  customer to see the colors and sizes in real life.

The Visual CPQ solution from VividWorks has really improved our sales processes. The way we spend our time is much more focussed, allowing us to sell even more. It shows that the better the tool you give the consumer, the greater the likelihood of them visiting the store. – Jan Axelsen, Store Manager at Montana

Solutions map

The Visual CPQ solution allows the customer to configure products online  using our unique catalog functionality. The customer can sit at their leisure and visualize Montana products in their own home – always with the latest updated materials and prices at their fingertips. There's no chance of them designing a product that isn't manufacturable as the program doesn't allow it. In store, the salesperson and customer can continue working with the customer’s ideas and complete the final order.

Here are some of the benefits

Updated with the latest prices – always correct calculations

Only displays possible combinations, thereby eliminating errors

Ensures you get all the necessary accessories in every order

Instantly provides the salesperson with stock status and final delivery date

Want to see how it works?

You can try the Vividworks implementation straight from their website.