Simo Isomäki
Chief Product Officer

I've always loved working on Product-based businesses with my personal focus on the products themselves. Throughout my career, I have been exposed to very different product businesses. In the past, when SaaS became a prominent model for software, I wanted to take part in the opportunity to build expertise for products delivered through the SaaS model and fell in love with that. That passion has carried me forward here.

When the opportunity to work as Chief Product Officer for VividWorks came about, I jumped at it. It was exciting for me as the use of 3D in B2C businesses is still very much a growth opportunity and the potential of how the use of 3D can and will transform the way we do B2B business. I also found it interesting that my past of working in Telecom IT Tech, HR Tech, Finance Tech, M&A Tech, and Ad Tech all link to the core of what VividWorks does: software that helps sell and advertise products to buyers, who would buy primarily online, but not exclusively.

Launching a new product to market as my 1st chore was also super rewarding and the start of a journey I immensely enjoyed. I enjoy the smaller company's environment of VividWorks, too. Primarily due to the intimacy you can build towards our company's people, prospects, customers, partners, and other stakeholders.

People make software and buy from people, and building those relationships in a larger organization becomes exceedingly difficult. We are not done yet by any means; there's so much of our vision that isn't ready, yet I enjoy making the vision a real reality daily.

When I'm not working, I'm building scale models, playing the saxophone, gaming online, on a computer or board, and spending time and doing things with my family.