🎙 Growing eCommerce with 3D Product Configurators

A Case Study Webinar

Did you know that more and more brands are adopting 3D configurators to improve their website conversion rate? For example, our 3D configurator has helped ELLTEK from the UK grow their business from 0 to £1 million in revenue within 6 months 🚀

If you're eager to improve your online sales and enhance your overall product experience - all the way from design to order fulfillment - then this webinar is exactly what you need!

You'll learn:

🥁Everything you need to know about 3D product configuration and the latest trends in 3d configuration technology.

📈 Trends in eCommerce:
Learn how to enhance sales, customer experience, and revenue with 3D configurators.

🚀 Customer Success Story: See how ELLTEK Systems grow revenue from 0 to £1 million in less than 6 months with Vividworks.

💡Real-life Insights: Gain practical takeaways for your business from our live Q&A with the industry experts.

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Our Speakers:

Jarkko Leppälahti

CEO, VividWorks

Elliott Moseley

Director, ELLTEK Systems

Simo Isomäki

CPO, VividWorks

Justin Huynh

Account Executive, VividWorks

3D configurator lamp

Elliott Moseley
Director, ELLTEK Systems

Our customer success story

🚀 From Idea to 1M in Revenue in Only 6 months

ELLTEK specializes in affordable storage and extraction systems. Elliott shares their real-life challenges, the process of creating a 3D configurator, success stories, and the results achieved. Get firsthand insights into how they used the 3D configurator to overcome obstacles and skyrocketed their revenue!