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August 9, 2023

Selling Modular Sofas with 3D Sofa Configurators

The ultimate guide to selling modular sofas using sofa configurators. Learn how to enhance your eCommerce and cater to customer personalization with ease 🛋️ 📈

In the ever-evolving furniture shopping world, customers seek more than just off-the-shelf solutions. They crave personalized experiences that reflect their unique tastes and preferences.

This demand for personalization has given rise to innovative technologies like sofa configurators, which empower customers to design their dream sofas online. In this blog, we will embark on an exciting journey to explore the concept of sofa configurators, their benefits for customers and retailers, and how they transform the furniture buying experience.

Personalization in Furniture Shopping

As the world becomes more interconnected, the desires of customers have evolved. No longer satisfied with generic choices, people crave products that showcase their individuality. This evolution is particularly evident in the furniture industry, where customers want pieces that resonate with their personal style and preferences.

With 3D configurators for custom furniture, customers can go beyond choosing from preset options and instead become the architects of their furniture designs. Sofa configurators cater to this desire for personalization, offering a digital playground for customers to explore their creativity and bring their dream sofas to life.

What is a Sofa Configurator?

Imagine unleashing your inner interior designer and creating a sofa that perfectly complements your living space. A sofa configurator is an interactive online tool that allows customers to do just that.

It goes beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach and brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips. With a few clicks, customers can embark on a creative adventure, customizing various aspects of their sofas, such as fabric, color, size, and style, to design a truly unique and personalized piece of furniture.

Sofa Configurators for Customers

The benefits of sofa configurators extend beyond the joy of designing a personalized sofa. Picture this – you're sitting comfortably at home, browsing through a virtual palette of fabric swatches, envisioning how each color would look against your living room backdrop. With each click, your vision takes shape, and your dream sofa emerges before your eyes.

The configurator's immersive visualizations instill confidence in your choices, banishing doubts and allowing you to make informed decisions about your furniture investments. Additionally, you can compare various design combinations without committing to a purchase, significantly reducing the likelihood of buyer's remorse.

Sofa Configurators for Furniture Retailers

For furniture retailers, sofa configurators are much more than a passing trend; they offer a competitive advantage in a crowded market. By providing customers with a personalized experience, configurators foster a deeper connection between customers and the brand.

The result? Increased customer engagement and a longer time spent on the website as customers immerse themselves in the joy of creation.

Additionally, configurators act as valuable data collection tools, providing retailers insights into customer preferences and popular design choices. With this data, retailers can refine their product offerings and marketing strategies to stay ahead in the ever-changing furniture retail world.

3D Configurators for Custom and Modular Sofas

The true magic of sofa configurators lies in allowing customers to build a sofa from scratch using predefined modules and product combinations. This feature is especially beneficial for those seeking complex modular sofas, where each module serves a specific purpose and fits together seamlessly to create a cohesive and functional piece.

With the configurator's modular capabilities, customers can mix and match modules, exploring various configurations until they find the one that perfectly suits their space and lifestyle.

Key Features of 3D Configurators for Modular Sofas

Sofa configurators tailored for modular sofas offer a range of critical features that enable customers to create personalized and functional furniture pieces. These features are designed to simplify the customization process, ensure compatibility, and provide an immersive shopping experience. Here are some of the key elements of sofa configurators for modular sofas:

Modular Design Options

The configurator provides a diverse selection of modular components, such as different seat modules, armrests, backrests, and corner pieces.

couch 3d configurator

Customers can mix and match these modules to create unique sofa configurations that suit their living space and lifestyle.

Flexible Configurations

Sofa configurators for modular sofas allow customers to experiment with various layouts and arrangements.

3d configurator sofa

They can easily add or remove modules, adjusting the size and shape of the sofa to fit specific room dimensions or preferences.

Real-Time 3D Visualization

Advanced 3D rendering technology in the configurator offers customers real-time visualizations of their custom modular sofa designs.

This feature allows them to see how the individual modules come together to form a cohesive and functional piece of furniture.

Material and Fabric Customization

Customers can choose from a wide range of upholstery materials, colors, and textures to complement their interior decor and personal style.

sofa configurator

The configurator offers an extensive library of fabric options, ensuring a personalized touch to the modular sofa.

3D Background/ Room Planner

This feature allows customers to visualize their custom sofa within a virtual room environment. It enhances the design process by giving customers a better understanding of how the sofa will fit and complement their existing decor.

3d room planner

With room planning, customers can experiment with different layouts, wall colors, and decor elements, helping them make more confident design decisions. This immersive experience further elevates personalization and ensures the final modular sofa design integrates into their living space.

Augmented Reality (AR) Integration

With AR integration, customers can experience a virtual try-on of their custom modular sofa in their actual living space.

sofa argumented reality

AR superimposes the digital model onto the real environment, providing a true-to-life preview of how the sofa fits and looks in its home.

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

The configurator provides real-time pricing updates as customers customize their modular sofa. This transparency in pricing helps customers stay within their budget and make informed decisions about their design choices.

This efficient integration also streamlines the sales process for furniture retailers, enabling automated and accurate quotes.

Best Modular Sofa Configurator Examples

Let's take a closer look at some exceptional sofa configurators that have captured the hearts of customers 👇


Noronen is a Finnish furniture company that offers a 3D configurator for designing and ordering custom sofas. Their configurable sofa series allows customers to select their preferred style, size, fabric, and accessories to meet their personalized needs and preferences.

sofa configurator

The configurator is powered by VividWorks and displays an accurate 3D model of the sofa, updating in real-time to show the selected attributes and design changes.

The tool also provides the option to view the configured sofa in augmented reality (AR). With the help of AR technology, customers can experience a virtual representation of the custom sofa in their own physical space.

Bla Station

Bla Station, a well-known Swedish furniture company, offers a 3D configurator that allows customers to personalize and customize their seating solutions. With their configurator, customers can design their own unique pieces of furniture according to their preferences and individual needs.

Bla Station's 3D configurator, implemented by VividWorks, provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for customers to explore various design options.

The configurator offers a dynamic 3D visualization of the sofa in real-time, allowing users to see how their customizations instantly apply to the virtual model. This helps customers make informed decisions about their choices during the design process.

3D sofa configurator

The 3D configurator tool offered by Bla Station is not only beneficial for customers but also highly useful for designers. Designers can take full advantage of this tool to create customized furniture pieces that perfectly align with their creative vision.

The level of customization allows designers to experiment with different color combinations and visual aesthetics, ensuring that the final product reflects their desired style and concept.

Being able to visualize and play with different color combinations  in real-time empowers designers to make informed decisions and fine-tune their designs to perfection.


Fagmøbler's 3D sofa configurator goes above and beyond by offering an immersive experience. Here, customers are not just limited to designing their dream sofa; they have the power to envision an entire room and bring it to life in a virtual realm.

The 3D sofa configurator becomes a canvas of imagination, where customers can unleash their creativity and discover harmonious combinations.

You can take your customization to the next level by exploring various room layouts, experimenting with different wall colors, flooring options, and décor elements.

By incorporating VividWorks' technology, Fagmøbler elevates the furniture-buying process to an inspiring journey of self-expression and design exploration.

How to Choose the Right Sofa Configurator

With an array of options available in the market, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming. Let's delve into the key factors when selecting a 3D configurator for modular and custom-made sofas, ensuring a seamless and satisfying furniture customization experience.

Compatibility and Integration

One of the primary considerations is the configurator's compatibility with your existing eCommerce platform or website. Look for configurators that offer flexible integration options, allowing for a smooth transition and minimal disruptions to your business operations.

By utilizing eCommerce plugins, you can streamline the process of incorporating the configurator into your existing online store, saving time and effort while enhancing your website's functionality

User-Friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface is paramount for an enjoyable and efficient customization journey. Opt for a 3D configurator with an intuitive and easy-to-navigate interface, both for customers and sales representatives. A visually appealing and responsive design enhances customer engagement and encourages the exploration of various design options.

Customization Features and Flexibility

The heart of a 3D configurator lies in its customization features. Evaluate the configurator's ability to offer various options for customizing sofas, such as fabric choices, colors, cushion styles, and modular configurations. Ensure that the configurator provides the flexibility to mix and match different elements, allowing customers to craft a sofa that suits their tastes and needs.

Realistic 3D Visualization

An exceptional 3D configurator should provide realistic and detailed visualizations of custom sofas. Look for configurators that use advanced rendering technology to offer lifelike representations, enabling customers to see their designs from various angles. High-quality visualizations instill confidence in customers, helping them make informed decisions about their custom creations.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Consider a 3D configurator that offers AR integration for virtual try-ons. AR allows customers to superimpose the virtual sofa into their living spaces, providing a true-to-life preview of how the custom design fits within their home. AR enhances the shopping experience, reduces the likelihood of returns, and fosters a deeper connection with the chosen design.

Real-Time Pricing and Quoting

A valuable feature of a 3D configurator is real-time pricing and quotes. Ensure that the configurator updates the price instantly as customers make design selections, providing complete transparency on the cost implications of their choices. Real-time quoting eliminates surprises and enhances customer satisfaction.

Mobile Compatibility

In the age of mobile shopping, having a 3D configurator that is mobile-compatible is essential. Customers should be able to access the configurator seamlessly on their smartphones and tablets, offering them the convenience of customizing sofas on the go.

Support and Maintenance

Choose a 3D configurator provider that offers comprehensive support and maintenance services. Look for companies that provide regular updates and improvements to ensure the configurator remains cutting-edge and relevant to changing market demands.

Future Trends in Sofa Configurators

The future of sofa configurators is fascinating, full of promise and innovation. As technology continues to advance, configurators will evolve to offer even more delightful experiences:

Augmented Reality (AR) Feature

Augmented reality is set to take sofa configurators to a whole new level of immersion and interactivity. Imagine seeing your custom-designed sofa come to life in your actual living space through your smartphone or tablet. AR integration will enable customers to virtually place the sofa in their homes, giving them a realistic sense of how it fits their existing decor and layout. This feature will enhance the decision-making process and reduce the likelihood of returns, as customers will have a clear visualization of their chosen design.

Virtual Reality (VR) Showrooms

Virtual reality showrooms will revolutionize how customers experience furniture shopping. Instead of visiting physical stores, customers can enter a virtual showroom from their homes. VR technology will create lifelike environments where customers can interact with different sofa designs, explore various customization options, and test different configurations. The ability to virtually "try before you buy" will significantly enhance the customer experience and foster greater confidence in making design choices.

AI-Driven Personalization

Artificial intelligence is poised to play a vital role in guiding customers toward their ideal sofa designs. AI algorithms will analyze customer preferences, browsing history, and previous design choices to offer tailored product recommendations. Customers will receive personalized suggestions based on their unique tastes and lifestyle, making the customization process even more intuitive and efficient. With AI as their design assistant, customers can look forward to finding the perfect sofa that aligns perfectly with their needs.

Sustainability and Eco-Friendly Options

As eco-consciousness continues to gain momentum, sofa configurators will cater to customers seeking sustainable and eco-friendly options. Manufacturers will offer a wide selection of eco-conscious materials and fabrics that align with green principles. Sofa configurators allow customers to quickly identify and choose sustainable options for their custom designs, aligning their furniture choices with their values.

Collaborative Design Spaces

Collaboration is the way forward, and sofa configurators will embrace this trend by offering collaborative design spaces. Customers can invite friends, family, or even professional interior designers to join them virtually in designing their sofas. This collaborative approach will facilitate real-time feedback, inspiration, and co-creation, resulting in truly unique and meaningful designs.

Ready to experience the magic of a personalized sofa configurator in action? Don't miss the opportunity to witness the seamless customization process and the array of design possibilities firsthand! Book your free demo with us today and discover how our all-in-one sofa configurator can revolutionize your furniture retail business.

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