October 19, 2023

How 3D Product Configurators are Revolutionizing Shopify Stores

Learn how 3D product configurators can transform your Shopify store, enhance the customer experience and drive conversions ๐Ÿ›๏ธ

A 3D product configurator is one of the innovative ways to increase your conversion rates in your Shopify store. In today's dynamic e-commerce landscape, standing out and offering a unique shopping experience for your customers is more critical than ever.

3D configurators allow shoppers to view a product from all angles, zoom in and out, and customize it in real-time. Incorporating this technology into your Shopify store enhances the shopping experience and increases customer engagement, satisfaction, and, ultimately, conversions.

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The Key Benefits of Shopify Product Configurator

Shopify product customiser apps offer a range of benefits that can transform the shopping experience for customers:

Increased conversions

Merchants who have added a 3D configurator experience a significant 94% increase in conversions. By incorporating this innovative tool into their online stores, they are giving themselves a competitive edge by providing a unique and immersive shopping experience to their customers.

Enhanced product visualization

One of the main benefits of using a 3D product configurator is that it provides a more realistic and immersive product experience. Customers can see the product from all angles, giving them a clear idea of what they're purchasing.

This feature alone can reduce uncertainty and hesitation, ultimately boosting conversion rates.

Personalization and engagement

Allowing customers to personalize and configure products in real time is a powerful engagement tool. Shoppers love having control over their purchases, and the configurator provides an interactive way to do just that.

They can choose colors, materials, sizes, and more, creating a product that fits their needs and preferences.

Reduction in returns

Visualizing their customized products before purchase makes customers less likely to receive unexpected surprises when their orders arrive. This leads to a reduction in returns, saving you time and money while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Unique selling proposition

Having a 3D product configurator can set your Shopify store apart from competitors. It positions your brand as innovative and customer-centric, attracting tech-savvy shoppers who seek a memorable and interactive shopping experience.

Shopify Custom Product Builder

A Shopify product builder for custom-made products is a unique solution that allows customers to craft products according to their specifications. This remarkable tool lets users build their perfect product from scratch, make real-time adjustments, add text, select colors, and more, all within the digital walls of your website.

It is particularly beneficial for businesses in various sectors, including furniture, manufacturing, apparel, footwear, accessories, and any other category where customization is key.

How to Implement Shopify Product Configurator

To make the most of a Shopify product configurator, follow these steps:

Select the app

โ€Choose a suitable app from the Shopify App Store that aligns with your product range and customization needs.

Seamless integration

โ€Seamlessly integrate the chosen app into your Shopify store and customize it to match your brand's aesthetics.

Effective customer support

โ€ Ensure your customer support team is well-prepared to assist customers with any questions or issues related to the Custom Product Builder.

Continuous improvement

โ€ Regularly update the builder with new product options, styles, and customization features to keep your offerings fresh and enticing.

Best Shopify Apps for Custom Products

When it comes to boosting your conversion rate on Shopify, there are numerous powerful Shopify plugins available. But if you are selling complex modular products and you are in search of a solution to automate your sales-to-order process, Vividworks is the perfect tool for your Shopify store.

The VividWorks 3D Configurator is the number one 3D visualization and configurator platform for tailor-made products. By integrating with Shopify, Vividworks enables seamless automation of the sales-to-order process.

Its intuitive 3D product configurator allows customers to quickly visualize and customize products according to their preferences, leading to higher engagement and increased conversions.

Shopify product configurator

Your customers can access the 3D configurator directly from your product pages, enabling them to design and order their custom products effortlessly.

In addition to its impressive capabilities, Vividworks also offers an augmented reality (AR) feature that takes customer experiences to the next level. By leveraging AR technology, customers can visualize how their customised products will look and fit in their own space before making a purchase.

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