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3D Workshop Storage Configurator: ELLTEK

Learn how VividWorks' 3D workshop storage configurator for Shopify has enhaced ELLTEK's sales process leading the company to the top in the UK market 🚀

ELLTEK Systems is a start-up company specialising in the metal furniture industry. Founded in March 2023, ELLTEK Systems has been an active company for 7 months selling storage solutions to the Automotive, Industrial, Agricultural and private sectors through an eCommerce platform.

With the support of VividWorks' 3D configurator, ELLTEK has experienced a remarkable transformation. Since March 2023, the company has secured over £1 million in contracts and sales, catering to both B2B and B2C clientele. The tool helped the company move from 48th place to the top 3 in the Workshop Storage rankings in the UK just within 6 months.  If you're curious about how ELLTEK achieved this success with the help of VividWorks' technology, keep reading to find out more.

The Challenge

The UK market was lacking in storage solutions that provided flexibility and personalization options. Traditional furniture typically came with fixed dimensions, constraining the selection ofcustomers. ELLTEK noticed this gap in the market and addressed it by offering customizable storage solutions.

Visualizing modular systems

ELLTEK struggled with helping their customers visualize their modular storage systems. This challenge hindered their ability to provide a clear and immersive understanding of the final product, impacting customer decision-making.

Complex and time-consuming design process

‍Their design process was often time-consuming and intricate. It required extensive back-and-forth interactions with customers, leading to delays in finalizing designs and resulting in customer frustration.‍

Customer dissatisfaction with iterations

The multiple design iterations often left customers dissatisfied, as it took several rounds of adjustments before arriving at a final design that met their expectations.‍

Size adjustment requests

‍Requests for size adjustments were a common theme, but the limitations posed by using metal materials made it challenging to accommodate such requests.

"Our process of helping customers design their products was time-consuming and often complex. It required working closely with customers over a 2-3 week period, going back and forth with ideas and drawings until a final design was approved. On average, it took about 5 different versions before a customer was satisfied with the end product." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

The Process

To address these specific challenges, ELLTEK aimed to find a solution that fulfilled three crucial aspects:

Ease of use for customers

‍It was crucial to find a solution that would ensure our customers understand while designing their desired produc

eCommerce system integration

‍As an eCommerce-based business, seamless integration with Shopify was essential to ensure a smooth workflow.

Capturing customer design information

ELLTEK needed a solution that would provide them with detailed information about each customer's design choices.

" If we look at how our customers buy our product, the key for us was optimizing mobile aspect, because 95% of our customers use their mobile phones to order products and also integration with Shopify." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

The Solution

Using 3D configurators for modular storage have become increasingly popular due to their effectiveness in providing customers with a tailored and interactive shopping experience. These tools allow users to customize their storage solutions according to their specific needs and preferences, exploring various configurations and layouts in a virtual environment.

The VividWorks 3D configurator enabled ELLTEK's customers to design and customize their storage systems online according to their specific requirements, ensuring a unique and tailored solution.

User and mobile-friendly solution

‍VividWorks' 3D configurator offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it easy for customers to navigate and design their storage systems. Its mobile compatibility ensures users can configure ELLTEK's solutions online anywhere, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Seamless Shopify integration

‍By integrating with the Shopify platform, the configurator made it easier for customers to customize and buy storage systems online. This smooth transition from design to purchase reduced any obstacles in the sales process and made shopping effortless for customers.

Visual Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

‍This feature allows customers to see their custom storage system and know how much it will cost instantly. This information is sent to the sales team, who then use it to create the customer's order.

"VividWorks were in a place where we could reach a product fairly quickly for where we needed to be. When we started looking for a configurator, we estimated a 6 to 12 months process to have a final product on our website. But with VividWorks and the team, we reduced this time to 12 weeks. So it really did step up the game." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

Configuring products to fit precisely within the available space is essential for ELLTEK's team. Many of their customers often inquire about adjusting the size of the product, hoping for a little more room or a more compact fit. However, when dealing with materials like metal, such adjustments can be challenging.

"The key feature for us is the measurements because people can configure to exactly what space they've got. We always have customers coming back and saying: can you make things a little bigger and smaller? But it's metal, we can't change it. The measurement feature provides us with accuracy, and we can do that in millimeters, which was a key fact for us as well." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.


The Results

ELLTEK's Director, Elliott Moseley, credits the implementation of VividWorks as a pivotal factor in the company's rapid growth. Within six months, the company transformed from a simple idea to a thriving £1 million enterprise.

"VividWorks has helped ELLTEK grow from a simple idea to a £1 million company in just 6 months." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

Elliott emphasizes that VividWorks played a crucial role in unlocking the true potential of ELLTEK's offerings, highlighting its instrumental contribution to their success. Here's what Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK, has to say about their journey toward success and customization with VividWorks' configurator:

"Success story for us is being ahead of our competition. For our competitors, nobody can do the customization that we can with the configurator - colors, sizes, being able to adapt and change things. We have a lot of people who say only our product they can choose over a quarter of a million different ways to design." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

ELLTEK has experienced a remarkable transformation in customer behavior with the introduction of the configurator. Previously, customers would communicate with the sales team to purchase their desired products.

However, the configurator completely transformed this dynamic. Customers started designing their own products and making purchases independently, without the need for any communication, leading to a remarkable shift where these actions influenced 90% of orders.

"With the configurator, we saw a shift in 90% of orders - people were designing their own products and buying it that way. Customers can literally purchase our product without any communication" - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

According to Elliott, customization has had a big impact on their sales strategy. He highlights a significant 25% increase in upselling custom configurations over standard ones, emphasizing the power of personalized options in driving sales.

"25% increase in custom sales compared to our standard configurations. People add more accessories, and more cabinets, more perforated panels. There are so many things they can adapt and change. It opens up a lot more for people to purchase." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

Why VividWorks

VividWorks has provided ELLTEK with a solution that effectively addresses all their challenges. By partnering with VividWorks, ELLTEK was able to overcome any obstacles they encountered and achieve their desired outcomes.

Moreover, ELLTEK experienced excellent communication that played a pivotal role in their business interactions. Any problems or challenges that arose were swiftly addressed and resolved, showcasing VividWorks' commitment to customer satisfaction.

"The communication was fantastic. All the problems got sorted out very quickly. We had a few things that didn't work, but the reaction time was fantastic." - Elliott Moseley, Director of ELLTEK.

In an ever-evolving business landscape, ELLTEK found in VividWorks not only an innovative technology provider but also a reliable partner that prioritizes clear communication and rapid issue resolution, ensuring a seamless experience in their journey toward success.

If you're interested in learning more about how VividWorks can help you achieve your business goals, we invite you to book a demo with us. Our team of experts will provide you with a comprehensive overview of our innovative technology and tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.

Revenue Growth 🚀

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Revenue Growth 🚀

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