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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a free trial?

Yes, you can. Due to demand for trials and our limited capability to onboard, we will have to qualify you. No binding contract, no credit card is required for activation, and you can cancel it anytime. For further information, please contact us, and we'll be in touch with you shortly.

Where can I get 3d models? Can I use my own 3D models?

You can use your own 3D models or you can hire our 3D experts to help you. If you have 3D models in gLTF 2.0 format, you can use them directly. 3D models in other formats can usually be utilized, please contact our sales team to learn more about this option.

What can be configured/designed ? What kind of product/space/material etc?

We provide standard configuration rule building blocks that permit building a very broad set of products, including their accessories and materials. We constantly develop and enhance the structure logic's and welcome feedback in case your product requires some specific capability that we don't yet support. Our 3D Room Designer allow you to plan and design spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, apartments, offices, or any other space.

Can I place the configurator on my website? Which web shops are supported?

You can place the configurator on any website. Our products are API based and can be integrated with websites, eCommerce platforms, ERPs, CRMs and other enterprise sales and order handling systems. We maintain certain integrations as ready-made / off-the-shelf and you can check for more details here. We'd love to learn from you if an integration is missing.

What does visual CPQ mean?

CPQ stands for Configure-Price-Quote which is a process for automating the process of selling configurable, modular products. Doing it visually (as in Visual CPQ) helps the user to see the configuration. True 3D helps to see a product with as much detail as feasible. The process helps you to automate configuration of complex, customizable, modular products  and provide pricing and quotation to speed up the process. As a result you get error-free orders and less returns.

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