Shopify Product Configurator Integration

3D and AR Product Configurator for Shopify

Shopify integration is now available!

Enhance Your Shopify Experience

Empower your customers with a seamless and visually immersive product customization experience. By integrating our cutting-edge 3D Product Configurator as a Shopify App in your store, you can elevate customer engagement, drive sales, and enhance overall satisfaction.

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Shopify plugin

How Our Shopify Plugin Works

You install the Shopify ‘app’ directly from Shopify store. After installing the app, you configure it to connect the app with the VividWorks 3D Configurator Shopify plugin and setup the configurator in the right places of your Shopify Store with the Shopify Theme Editor.

Operate Shopify Stores of Any Size

Experience smooth operations for shops of all sizes! Our app incorporates pagination, enabling our configurator to handle over 250 products effortlessly. Even if you initially won’t have that large shop, you have room to grow for your offering.

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Add Product Data With Ease

With our web-based management interface you, your trusted partner, or us can easily manage 3D configuration and define your product's rules that drive the configuration process for your customers. It's easy to change or add new products to the configurator over time.

Add-to-Cart Function

Our integrated shopping cart lets customers add personalized products with a click, skipping manual entry. Enjoy seamless engagement, save time, and breeze through checkout. Elevate your shopping experience today!

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Real-Time Pricing

The integration ensures real-time pricing display, allowing customers to see the exact cost of their personalized product composition. This empowers them to make informed purchase decisions.