Visual Configuration

Visual Configuration

VividPlatformTM’s Cloud-based system allows you to become an expert in the configuration of modular products and the visualization of all possible product combinations – in minutes.

It’s the unique, intuitive, dynamic and ridiculously easy way to visually point-and-select all options in order to finalize your product configurations.

To make it fast and easy for you, the all-important product-specific rules and details are adjusted automatically during the design process. Each level of complexity is handled inside the platform – based on product behavior rules – allowing you to visually discover the best combination for your exact requirements.

The platform enables your customers to visualize design possibilities, configure individual products or interiors to their specifications and continue on to purchase with or without a sales associate.

VividPlatformTM makes it easy for anyone, from salesperson to end customer, to build even the most challenging products in a visual and intuitive way.

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