April 27, 2021

 3D for Asahi Group Holdings

CTC, a VividWorks partner, helps to reproduce the conspicuousness of product shelves in VR and support package development work

ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Ichiro Tsuge, Head Office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, abbreviated CTC) is pleased with Asahi Group Holdings Co., Ltd. (President and CEO: Akiyoshi Koji, Head Office: Sumida-ku, Tokyo) in the field of 3D simulation and virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) VividPlatform™, a cloud-based 3D visualization platform of Finnish IT services company VividWorks Ltd. (CEO: Sakari Suhonen, Head Office: Oulu, Finland, hereinafter VividWorks).

Asahi Group Holdings uses VividPlatform™ as a platform for its “VR product package development support system”, which is designed to enhance and streamline the design decision-making process and consumer research for product packaging.

Asahi Group Holdings' “VR product package development support system” reproduces a proposed product package design at the consideration stage on a monitor while displayed in a refrigerated showcase at a convenience store. When you wear VR goggles, you can see the product as if you were actually standing in front of the refrigerated showcase. The view that is visible with the VR goggles is also displayed on the monitor, so you can share and check how the product will look from the customer's perspective with multiple people such as a product development team.

VividWorks VividPlatform™ was adopted for the 3D virtual product shelves of the “VR product package development support system”. VividPlatform™ is a cloud-based 3D visualization tool with an intuitive user interface.

This system reproduces stores, product shelves, etc. in a virtual space, with changes easily done to product design, layout inside product shelves, and the configuration and arrangement of the product shelves themselves. The Asahi Group introduced this system with the aim of improving operational efficiency in the development of effective package design and display methods. The system was built jointly by CTC and Asahi Business Solutions, a group company of CTC.

CTC has been handling VividPlatform™ since August 2015, and has provided services and related systems utilizing VividPlatform™, supporting the creation of 3D content, and consulting services based on the offering of CAD and image processing-related products for many years.

CTC and VividWorks will continue to actively propose VividPlatform™ to customers in the manufacturing industry, mainly consumer goods such as beverages, food, and daily necessities, as well as retail customers including convenience stores. We will contribute to digital transformation (DX) in product development, sales, and marketing through VR/AR technology.

About VividWorks

Established in 2006, the company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland. VividWorks is expanding our business with focus in Europe, Australia and Asian markets. VividPlatform™, a service that visualizes products and buildings utilizing 3D data, has a rich sales record mainly with major furniture and interior companies around the world, and is currently developing services for companies involved in construction materials, real estate and vehicles.

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