May 30, 2024

Visual CPQ Sales: How it can positively impact your sales approach

Did you know you can equip your sales team with a tool to create accurate, personalized quotes while allowing customers to interact with your product virtually? That's the power of visual CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) combined with 3D product configuration.‍

Did you know you can equip your sales team with a tool to create accurate, personalized quotes while allowing customers to interact with your product virtually? That's the power of visual CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) combined with 3D product configuration.

CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) and 3D Product Configurators

Visual CPQ tools streamline the sales process for complex, customizable products. It guides sellers through product configuration, ensures accurate pricing, and generates professional quotes – all in one place.

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The Role of 3D Product Configuration in Sales

Forget stale brochures and generic presentations. Here’s a better sales experience: customers dive into a dynamic 3D world and interact with a customized version of your product.

This is the power of 3D product configuration, a revolutionary tool that transforms how businesses connect with customers.

By allowing exploration of product variations, 3D configuration goes beyond mere product descriptions. It creates an immersive experience that fosters a deeper understanding of your offerings and ignites excitement about the possibilities. 

But how exactly does 3D product configuration play a role in sales? Let's explore its various functions:

Confident Decisions and Satisfied Customers

Traditional online shopping can feel impersonal and leave room for doubt.  3D product configuration elevates the buyer's experience by transforming static images into interactive experiences. 

Imagine visualizing furniture in your own space or customizing a piece of equipment with different features. This level of engagement empowers customers and fosters a sense of control throughout the buying journey.

Furthermore, 3D configuration clarifies product details and reduces the risk of errors.  Customers can see the product from all angles, experiment with options, and ensure it meets their needs before purchase. This translates to a more confident buying experience, 

By allowing customers to visualize and interact with product variations, it increases average order value through upselling (encouraging them to add features or upgrades), and fosters confident decision-making, less anxiety about mistakes by providing a clear picture of their final product, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

Impactful and Memorable Sales Meetings

Moving beyond the benefits of 3D configuration, let's delve into how you can leverage this powerful tool within your sales meetings:

Interactive Presentations: 

3D configurators allow you to showcase product variations live, tailoring the experience to each customer's needs.

There's added ease to zooming in on specific features, changing colors based on their preferences, or even adding virtual modules to demonstrate functionality. This level of interactivity keeps your audience engaged and fosters a more memorable presentation.

Collaborative Decision-Making:

Sales meetings are a two-way street and 3D configurators encourage your customers to participate actively.

They can experiment with different options alongside the seller, seeing the product come together in real time based on their input. This collaborative approach builds trust and helps them feel confident about their final selection.

Closing the Deal with Confidence:

Visualization is a powerful tool. By allowing customers to see their personalized product configuration, you remove any ambiguity about the final product. This clarity reduces hesitation and positions you for a stronger close at the end of the meeting.

Streamlined Sharing and Customer Empowerment

To improve the overall buyer experience, many 3D product configuration tools integrate directly with popular CPQ and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platforms. This allows sellers to seamlessly share the customer's personalized product configuration with the sales team and store it within the customer's profile.

To enhance the experience further, 3D renderings can be easily presented and shared directly with the customer thanks to sales enablement tools. Take Showell for example. Their system allows sellers to share various file formats, including videos, PDFs, and even 3D renderings, through a Digital Sales Room.

This eliminates the need for customers to download additional software, giving them convenient access to their personalized product configuration.

Integrating 3D Product Configuration in the Sales Process

3D configuration and sales process

Incorporating 3D models throughout your sales cycle can significantly enhance customer engagement and lead to more closed deals. Here's how to strategically place them:

Early Engagement and Education

Don't wait until the proposal stage! Introduce 3D models early to capture attention and visually communicate your product's value. 

Use them in presentations and demos to explain features, showcase different configurations, and answer customer questions in a clear and interactive way.

This initial engagement plants the seed for a deeper understanding and appreciation of your product.

Personalization and Upselling

3D models shine when it comes to personalization, allowing customers to configure products in real-time, visualizing add-ons and upgrades.

This empowers them to explore possibilities, experiment with different options, and potentially increase their order value.  Salespeople can leverage the 3D configurator to strategically suggest upsells and demonstrate the additional benefits they provide.

By visually showcasing the impact of these additions, customers are more likely to see the value and invest in a more feature-rich product.

6 Tips On Using 3D Product Configuration in Sales Meetings

3D Product configuration in sales meetings

3D product configurations hold immense power in sales meetings, but to truly captivate your audience, presentation matters.

Here are some tips to ensure your 3D models leave a lasting impression:

1. Set the Stage

Before diving into the 3D magic, clearly understand the customer's needs and tailor your presentation accordingly. Focus on features relevant to their specific challenges.

This sets the context and ensures the 3D experience directly addresses their pain points.

2. Leave a Lasting Impression with Mobile Sales App

Make a powerful first impression! Try using a mobile sales app to showcase the 3D configuration on a tablet or smartphone.

The portability allows you to move freely around the meeting space, keeping the customer engaged and fostering a more interactive environment.

3. Harness the Power of Storytelling

Facts and figures are important but don't forget the power of storytelling. Use the 3D configuration to illustrate how your product solves their problems and improves their lives.

For example, tell a story of their workflow transformed, their space optimized, or their specific needs perfectly addressed.

4. Interactivity is Key

Don't just show, encourage your customer to explore! Allow them to manipulate the 3D model in real time.

Let them rotate it, zoom in on specific features, and experiment with different configurations. This level of interactivity keeps them engaged, fosters a sense of ownership, and strengthens their connection to the product.

5. Highlight the Benefits

While the 3D model is visually captivating, don't forget to highlight the tangible benefits it offers. As the customer explores different configurations, point out how each choice addresses their needs. 

Quantify the impact whenever possible -  mention increased efficiency, improved productivity, or cost savings associated with specific upgrades.

6. Focus on the "Wow" Factor

Use the mobile app's capabilities to your advantage. Generate high-quality product renderings or even virtual reality experiences (if your app supports it) that showcase the final configuration in their environment. This "wow" factor creates a lasting impression and reinforces the value proposition of your product.

By following these tips, you can transform your sales meetings into interactive experiences that leverage the power of 3D configurations. Remember, it's not just about showing the product; it's about showing the customer how your solution solves their problems and makes a positive impact.

Streamline Your Sales Process: CPQ, 3D Configuration, and Sales Enablement

visual CPQ for sales

Ditch time-consuming manual work and accelerate your sales cycle. Integrate CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) with 3D product configurators and your sales enablement tools for a seamless sales experience.

By connecting these technologies, you create a unified sales ecosystem. CPQ automates quote generation based on customer selections in the 3D configurator, eliminating errors and saving time.

Sales enablement tools then house these configurations alongside product information and sales collateral, allowing your team to tailor presentations and answer customer questions with ease. This streamlined approach translates to faster sales cycles, happier customers, and a significant boost to your bottom line.


Overall, the integration of 3D product configuration with CPQ systems is a game-changer for sales teams. It transcends static presentations, empowers customer decision-making, and streamlines the entire sales process.

By enabling customers to interact with virtual representations of your product, you foster a deeper understanding and ignite their excitement. This translates to increased confidence, reduced purchase anxiety, and ultimately, higher customer satisfaction.

Moreover, 3D configurators empower salespeople to deliver impactful presentations, facilitate collaborative decision-making, and close deals with greater confidence. It's a win-win for both businesses and customers.

Don't miss out on the competitive edge that 3D product configuration tools like Vividworks offer. Integrate it into your sales strategy and witness an improved customer engagement, sales efficiency, and overall revenue growth. The future of sales is here, and it's 3D.

Did you know you can equip your sales team with a tool to create accurate, personalized quotes while allowing customers to interact with your product virtually? That's the power of visual CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) combined with 3D product configuration.

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