3D Product Configurator for eCommerce

Empower your customers to design, configure and order your complex offerings with ease

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AR-enabled Online Product Configurator

VividWorks eliminates the traditional back-and-forth of manual product design and allows customers to build product online with real-time pricing and true-to-life visualizations.


eCommerce integration

Precise measurements

Real-time pricing

Configure, Price, Quote

Augmented Reality

3D room planning

Sell custom products with ease

  • Let customers build and customize products in real time
  • Showcase complex products with endless combinations
  • Streamline the buying process with instant pricing and quoting
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Drive conversions & qualified leads

  • Boost your conversions with interactive product visuals
  • Wow customers with stunning 3D representation of products
  • Let customers preview products in their own environment using Augmented Reality

Enhance online product experience

  • Offer a complete product view with custom 3D scenes
  • Create a more personalized and tailored shopping experience
  • Give customers a better idea of how products will look in real-life situations
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Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ)

  • 100% accurate orders and sales quotes
  • Product dimensions can be viewed in real time
  • Automated lists are generated with product details including parts, finishes, materials etc.

Cut manual work by 90%

  • Works with any eCommerce platform
  • Integration into your or your retailers' website
  • All quotes are sent to your ERP and CRM systems
  • A PDF is provided to the user for reference, sharing with close ones and for visiting a physical store
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Experience the Power of True 3D configurator

Convert more with true, fully-viewable 3D.

true 3d photo

High-Quality Resolution

Up to 4K resolution for
unmatched visual quality

AR & VR support

Explore the product and its exact measurements from any angle


Photo-realistic materials,
textures and color rendering

Efficient Integration

Integrate with your existing
eCommerce, CRM and ERP systems

360° Panorama Views

Bridge the digital and physical world to provide a real lifelike experience

Visual CPQ

Error-free orders, real time pricing, automated quoting process

How to get started

Our dedicated team always has your back, from demo through delivery, and beyond.


Book a demo or contact us to discuss your business needs.

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Send your products references: 3D models, CAD, or design files. If you don't have any, we'll create them for you!


We create a personalized demo for your review and feedback.


We integrate the solution and provide you with all the necessary documentation and human support.

Customer stories

"VividWorks has assisted us to both help our customer's clients visualise their product selections, as well as automate workflow between our systems and customers"
National Tiles logo

Brian Smith

General manager

"VividWorks' solution allows our customers to digitally configure and purchase an assortment with limitless combinations. Before, it was difficult to convey the full scope of possibilities available within the assortment to our customers. We can now clearly showcase the vast array of options, resulting in a more satisfying customer experience"
by Lassen Logo

Jonas Hansen

eCommerce Manager

"VividWorks is providing us with a cloud-based design software tool that is being utilized in our stores worldwide. The platform is user-friendly and easy to adapt, resulting in a seamless integration into our existing workflow."
BoConcept Logo

Karsten  Kristensen

Head of IT

"We offer a high degree of flexibility and our product can be tailored to meet individual needs. It can be challenging to visualize the end product. VividWorks' helps our customers to better comprehend the product and its variants. It has also enabled our retailers to create custom pieces by combining different components, resulting in a more personalized and satisfying customer experience
lundia logo

Iiris Hollo

Development Manager

"Previously, we used far more resources to close a sale. This is both because our salespeople had to provide more guidance along the way, and because the decision-making process with the customer took longer due to the greater deal of uncertainty involved."
Montana Logo

Jan Axelsen

Store Manager

"VividWorks provides high quality and expertise in their solution. We have implemented their solution to configure and visualize the modular sofa selection that our customers have ordered. As a result, we have increased our accuracy and can now offer a higher level of service to our customers."
kebe logo

Torben Thodsen

Commercial Director