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May 15, 2020

New era of real estate management

More efficient presentation of business premises and housing

For a few years now, immersive technologies have made it possible to explore premises and properties from your own sofa. VividWorks raises the bar by offering an even more sophisticated property management solution for the entire life cycle of a property. Digital twins are revolutionizing the presentation of homes and business premises, shaping the path of business from marketing to maintenance.

More efficient presentation of business premises and housing

The space under consideration can be explored in a virtual tour before the on-site showing, either independently or with the agent. Virtual tours save time for both the searcher and the broker in addition to travel time and expenses. Only interested potential buyers and tenants will appear at the actual showing. Online presentations also reach a wider geographical audience. For an immersive way to get familiar with a listing, VR headsets provide a new experience to facilitate moving around a property to get to know its unique characteristics.

The opportunity described above has been around for some time. However, those looking for a new home or business premises often face situations where the furniture or room layout in the space being presented does not suit their own taste or need. VividWorks technology solutions allow you to experiment and design your own floor plans, add furniture, change flooring and wallpaper, either from your own sofa or on site. The virtual model also offers much better opportunities to perceive spatial entities and dimensions.

In the virtual view, the dimensions and distances are automatically correct and the room heights are visible, for example a customer considering the purchase can try out how furniture and workstations fit and could be placed in the space. Especially from the business premises position, this creates new business opportunities when the premises can be rented according to the customer's wishes, pre-furnished, modified or renovated.

More than a showing

VividWorks' solution is not limited to the 3D modeling of a space or home with “as is” ideology, but also allows you to “decorate” an entire factory hall with machinery or design your dream house down to the last detail, before the actual renovation or construction begins.

If desired, the design program can also be published directly for customers, for example those who dream of a new home or office can visualize their ideas before first contact is made with the sales agent; customer-generated visualization is a concrete lead for the seller or tenant. It is easier to continue honing the plan and the offer on the basis of the desired model and the planning sessions therefore do not stretch for hours.

Such proactive planning also benefits the seller by engaging the buyer - “seeing is believing”. With the help of this new kind of design experience, the size of the deal might even be increased. For instance, for spaces that need renovations or interior design modifications, the customer is more prepared to proceed with the solution proposal when they can see the finished result as a visual whole instead of color swatches and sample materials.

From presentation to lifecycle management

Creating a virtual model brings significant additional benefit by also serving as the lifecycle model of the property. After the site is introduced, sold, rented, modified or refurbished, the virtual model can be utilized at other stages of the lifecycle. Other content such as maintenance information, inspection reports, technical documentation or a property certificate can be added freely to the digital model. Exemplary implementations could include, for example, documenting and managing irregularities, reviewing and simulating safety aspects or planning and brainstorming the future visual look of an entire property!

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